Statement by engagée

// engagée is happy to announce the publication of its fifth issue “Becoming-Machine”. In this spirit, it is time to celebrate. Today, however, is also the occasion to look back at what we achieved and to share some ideas about the future of the project.

What we achieved so far

Since May 2015, engagée – the magazine for political and philosophical interventions –  strived to provide a framework and a discursive space for political theory, activism and
art. It sought to promote and negotiate emancipatory practices and philosophical interventions by publishing five issues on various subjects. engagée has experimented with forms of art, research and activism in the eight events which brought together activists, researchers and artists. Furthermore, we opened a blog to further engage with political and philosophical interventions in a more timely and straightforward manner. By having an open and collaborative editorial process, engagée aimed to interweave political struggles and knowledge production.

Where we want to go

engagée has discussed philosophical terms, concepts and ideas such as “ecstasy”, “desire”, “violence” and “becoming-machine”. It has done so in a broader sense and has elaborated on potential emancipatory perspectives arising from these concepts. Starting with the sixth and seventh issue, engagée aims at intervening in activist and academic discourses more intensely.

The purpose of engagée is to foster and promote philosophical work that intends to make a constructive contribution to current political and social problems we face. It will do so not only by going beyond conventional academic formats, avoiding a theory/practice divide and collecting different forms of contributions such as philosophical essays, literature and socially engaged art; but also by pro-actively building international networks. The aim is to share experiences, foster knowledge production and cooperations with local activist groups, as well as to elaborate in which sense philosophical ideas can have a relevant anchoring in political practices and vice versa.

Starting from the conviction that political theory cannot be reduced to philosophical reflection, but that it must become practical (e.g. we must evaluate the theories by examining their practical consequences for the experiences of marginalized groups), engagée starts a new phase. We do so by introducing and elaborating the concept of “Radical Cities”, which combines the ideas of Radical Democracy and Rebel Cities. Bearing in mind this twofold angle, the next edition will be a double issue #6/7 to be published in May 2018 (here the link to our call).

Thank you for reading, contributing, editing, organising, discussing, criticising, envisioning and engaging with us. We now invite you to be part of the #6/7 edition.

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