This is the blog of the journal engagée, which is a collectively edited and self-published journal for political theory, activism and art. We publish texts, artworks and experiments promoting emancipatory practices and philosophical interventions. If You want to publish on our blog or be part of the engagée network, send us a mail to: info[a]engagee.org

The aim of engagée is to foster and promote philosophical work that intends to make a constructive contribution to current political and social problems we face. It does so by going beyond conventional academic formats, avoiding a theory/practice divide and collecting different forms of contributions such as philosophical essays, literature and socially engaged art. engagée also focuses on building international networks to share experiences, foster knowledge production and cooperation with local activist groups, researchers and artist. Therefore, the editorial process is open and collaborative and aims to connect political struggles and knowledge production. Also, engagée features this blog and organises events where activists, researchers and artists meet.

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